Únor 2010


21. února 2010 v 13:41 | alča |  ••Moje kecy••

Po dlouhy dobe sem opet na pc sem nemocná aeuz je to lepsi a proto bude tenhle tyden vic casu na blog sb opet sorry ale teste se na novy clanky phaapa sprv. m94

London Release Day

8. února 2010 v 16:09 | alča |  ••One Republic••

ryan tedder..že by předpověď počasí?=D

London Release Day

IYAZ - Replay - text + překlad

2. února 2010 v 19:59 | alča |  ••Texty song's••
Shawty's like a melody in my head
That I can't keep out
Got me singin' like
Na na na na everyday
It's like my iPod stuck on replay, replay-ay-ay-ay (2x)

Remember the first time we met
You was at the mall wit yo friend
I was scared to approach ya
But then you came closer
Hopin' you would give me a chance

Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Videophone - text + překlad

2. února 2010 v 19:29 | alča |  ••Texty song's••
Shawty, what yo name is?

Uh uhhh
Them hustlas keep on talkin'
Uh uhhh
The like the way I'm walking
Uh uhhh
You saying that you want B?
So press record and let you film me
On your video phone
Make a cameo
Tape me on your video phone
I can handle you
Watch me on your video phone
On your video, video
If you want me you can watch me on your video phone